Organic ProMix


NARCOS Organic Terra Mix is an RHP-certified organic growing medium, composed of high-quality raw materials. NARCOS Organic Terra Mix is made of very carefully selected, first-class peat moss with the addition of RHP-certified green compost. By sieving this peat moss in a special manner and mixing in some perlite, NARCOS Organic Terra Mix gets a pleasantly fluffy structure. As a result, NARCOS Organic Terra Mix has an ideal water-to-air ratio, which is crucial for the healthy root development and flowering of your crop. NARCOS Organic Terra Mix is a premium organic growing medium, and the addition of a sufficient quantity of lime ensures a stable pH value.

NARCOS Organic Terra Mix has a special organic plant-based fertiliser and is free from chemicals and animal by-products. This vegetal, organic growing medium provides sufficient nutrition for the first 1–2 weeks, whereby the absorption of fertiliser depends on the plant and the size of the pot. Ideal results are achieved by using the NARCOS organic plant nutrition combined with stimulators such as NARCOS Rootstim, NARCOS Growstim, and NARCOS Bloomstim. Do not mix this product with other materials to get the best final result.

Peat moss black
Peat moss blonde
Green compost

3.0 kg organic, vegetal fertiliser

NPK 7-3-3+2 MgO per m3

Mineral lime

Traces of Radigen

Fertiliser has:

7.0% organic nitrogen (N)

3.0% organic phosphor (P)

3.0% organic potassium (K)

2.0% organic magnesium (Mg)


Originating from:

Green compost (vegetal)

Vinasse potassium

Soft natural phosphate


pH (1:1.5 H2O VV). +/- 0.5 6,3

EC (1:1.5 H2O VV) – mS/cm. +/- 0.3 0,6

pH (EN 13037). +/- 0.5 6,7

EC (EN 13038) – mS/m. +/- 11 19

Organic material – % >60%

Moisture content – % <80%

Volume (EN 12580) 50 L

Air content -10 cm – % 14-22%