Comp 1


Comp 1 is a fast-acting basic feed and contains all the necessary nutrients for the crop during the growth and flowering phase. The nitrogen compounds and trace elements in Comp 1 are rapidly absorbed, allowing you to grow powerful plants with a well-developed root system. Comp 1 can be used both indoors and outdoors, in pots and also in the open ground. Comp 1 dissolves immediately and is very suitable for drip and irrigation systems. Active substances are NPK fertilizer, main and trace elements.

Use Comp 1 for cultivation in calcareous soil or in the open ground. When cultivating in a nutrient-poor soil, the use of Narcos Hydro A+B is recommended.

NPK fertilizer, main and trace elements

Element WW in %

N-NO3  1.63%
SO3  3.07%
P2O5  1.93%
N-NH4  0.39%
K2O 4.51%
MgO 1.97%
Fe 0.02%
Mn 0.01%
Zn 0.006%
B 0.005%
Cu 0.001%
Mo 0.001%

Mix in the recommended dosage, stir well and let the feed solution stand for a few hours. The desired EC can be adjusted by using more or less Comp 1If desired, correct the pH with PH+ or PH-. With intensive cultivation, feed the plants regularly with this feed solution. Shake well before use! Read the safety instructions before use.

In the initial phase: 2.5 ml per litre of water (1:400). After 3 weeks: 5 ml per litre of water (1:200). For an average pH 6 and EC 1.2 – 2.5.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dark place. Minimum storage temperature 5°C.

Usage Instructions: Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection. Rinse immediately with plenty of water. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the label. Do not eat, drink or smoke during usage. Keep away from children. N-NO3.

Narcos Comp 1 is an EC Fertilizer and contains primary, secondary and micronutrients.